Sues Cards and Art: Handmade cards and Mixed-media paintings

Cards and Art by Sue Clover

Craft Fair

SueSue lives in Juneau, Alaska, and is a local paper crafter and mixed-media artist. She came to Alaska from California for adventure and a job as a wildlife biologist in the late 1970's.  For 30 years, she has lived in Juneau, surrounded by the spectacular landscapes and diverse plant and animal life.

Sue loves to experiment with new techniques and her art and unique handmade cards often reflect her natural science background and her love of the immense variety of textures and colors found in God's creation.

Cards and Art for Sale

The Juneau Arts and Cultural Center (JACC) in downtown Juneau has a selection of Sue's cards and paintings for sale.

Sue is the July "Artist of the Month" at the Northern Tea House and has a large display of her paintings there. She usually participates in a few local craft fairs at Juneau malls in the fall.


Sue Clover